Uber expels 649 drivers in Sinaloa


If in these last months you have a hard time getting Uber when you want to pay with a card or your travels are canceled and you are charged the fine, we have good news for you. Uber Mexico, has intervened directly by removing 649 drivers in Sinaloa who resorted to bad practices, among which are those already mentioned.

Saúl Crespo, the Communication Manager of Uber México, commented that they will have zero tolerance for any practice that is outside of their Terms and Conditions; including the limitation of the service due to the chosen payment method.

“We do not support actions that affect in any sense the mobility and accessibility experience of the application and we will automatically deactivate the accounts of those driving partners in which we detect any type of non-compliance,” he said.

Saúl Crespo, Communications Manager of Uber México.
Saúl Crespo, Communications Manager of Uber México.

Through Saúl Crespo, the company reported that it has intervened directly to avoid the problems arising from some of these irregular practices. Share that, only in Sinaloa, so far 649 drivers have been disenrolled for having violated the rules of the use of the platform.

Despite the large number of accounts deactivated, Uber confirms that there has been no significant impact on the operation, and the waiting times continue below 5 minutes.

“With the deactivation of the driving partners who performed practices outside of the Terms and Conditions, we reinforced our commitment to provide a five-star travel experience,” said Crespo.

It is important to point out that, with respect to the operations that are carried out in the Centers of Attention and Support of the State, Saúl Crespo emphasized that “the decision to deactivate the accounts of the driving partners does not depend on these centers; These decisions are made immediately and automatically when the partners fail to comply with the stipulations.

Finally, the company calls on users to report any inconvenience derived from a bad experience of use, always through the official channels within the application or by visiting http://t.uber.com/ayudacancelacion

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