Contamination of Lake Chapala, an evil of decades


In a bumpy visit by the federal deputy for the Labor Party (PT), Gerardo Fernández Noroña, where he would address the issue of water pollution in the municipality of Poncitlán, finally became an exhibition of social programs that drives the Government Federal.

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“We are very aware of the seriousness of the pollution of Lake Chapala, it is a contamination that has been going on for decades, the entire Lerma River is contaminated from the State of Mexico, the whole journey it makes, Guanajuato, the whole journey is terribly polluted and everything has an impact when unloading in Lake Chapala, “he said.

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Fernández Noroña added that “pollution is a very serious pollution and if we add that in the decades of governments against the people, they turned their backs on people and there are no health, education, housing conditions and all that has It has had repercussions in a very delicate situation, “but there was no talk of concrete proposals to clean up the water.

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Prior to the start of this event that took place in the area called El Kiosco-La Zapotera in the municipality of Poncitlan, a van with seven people who went to the event went to a small ravine and left at least five injured and all this the Federal deputy did not know, so no help was provided, as it was provided by other citizens who requested the ambulance to attend them.

After that brief message about water pollution in this municipality, he explained each of the federal government’s social programs, such as scholarships for students with little more than 1,500 pesos a month, support for the first job, pensions for the adults over 68 years and in all of them without having to join any party or give gifts in exchange for these resources will be delivered to them that will come out of the taxes of all Mexicans for which he exhorted them not to be fooled by anyone .

Resultado de imagen para terracería que van de la carretera a Ocotlán

He also promised that he would find a way to fix the almost 10 kilometers of dirt road that goes from the road to Ocotlán to this small community and where the inhabitants of that community would be hired so that the resources remain among them. Begin to improve the local economy.

Source: El Occidental

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