Mazatlan Bishop supports bullfighting event for Carnival


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The Bishop of the Diocese of Mazatlan, Mario Espinoza Contreras asked respect for the people who support bullfighting in the port, and it is also an event that was already scheduled in the Carnival calendar.

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He clarified that bullfighting has a custom very rooted in the Hispanic and Latin American culture, for this reason there must always be understanding and respect.

“It is a popular custom deeply rooted in Hispanic culture, and in Latin American culture has great roots and therefore, the taste is broken into genres and we must always respect the tastes of others,” he said.

The hierarch of the church in southern Sinaloa said that this type of activity, bullfighting, generates a bit of controversy; however, there are more people who like to attend these events here in Mazatlan.

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” A minority of protester should not outweigh, the majority who support the event right? you count more people who like bullfighting, “he said.

Espinoza Contreras said that this way, as there are people against the bullfighting event; others defend them with reasons and justification, all this must also be taken into account.

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