Tourists to Mazatlan enjoy Sinaloan gastronomy


During the low season of tourism the restauranteur’s businesses, see their sales diminished in an important way; However, the arrival of cruise ships and foreign tourists represents an economic incentive in this productive sector.

Tourists enjoy Sinaloan gastronomy

Visitors who come to Mazatlan, from other countries, like to enjoy the cuisine of the region, mainly those dishes made from seafood, especially with shrimp.

Diners in Mazatlan enjoy the vast gastronomy, which ranges from typical Sinaloan dishes, ceviche, shrimp and seafood cocktails.

Tourists enjoy Sinaloan gastronomy

In many restaurants in the city, we observed a high influx of diners, which reactivated the demand for services in this productive sector, which generates a significant number of jobs in the city.

Source: TVP

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