Construction of 12 story building on Olas Altas is a closed case declares Mazatlan Mayor


Declarations by the delegate of INAH on the construction of a twelve-level tower in the Historic Center of Mazatlán are inconsequential, says the Benítez Chemist.

The National Institute of Anthropology and History is not responsible for authorizing or issuing construction permits in the municipality, so the statements of the delegate of INAH, Francisco Ríos Avendaño, on whether the project of a twelve-level tower that was intended to be built in the Center Historic meets or not with the image of the place are inconsequential, said Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.

INAH does not have to make a decision that does not correspond to it (…) that the delegate of INAH makes a comment is inconsequential, he is not the one with the function to give building permits or construction licenses.

During the conference “Facing the people,” the municipal president said that for the City Council the issue of the tower in question is closed case, because it was already explained widely why it does not comply with the guidelines of the municipality, and clarified that the Commune He denied the permit because the project does not comply with the image characteristics of the Historic Center.
“The fact is that this issue for us is a closed case, does not comply with the regulations, we already inform it extensively (…) it does not comply with our guidelines of the direction that is in charge of regulating the permits,” he explained.

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