Mexico: Imperialist Group seeks to become a political party


Until last Friday there were 52 institutions that requested registration with the INE.

Mexico.- The Imperialist Party organization seeks to become a political party, for which it has already requested the National Electoral Institute (INE) on January 23.

Registro del Partido Imperialista

According to its Facebook page, the organization says to follow seven principles: free-market, monetary trimetalism, historical revisionism, civil armament, constitutional monarchy, educational reform and panlatinism.

“Our first objective is to launch candidates for the Mexican Congress in 2021 and extend it to other countries in Latin America that suffer from the same separatism sowed by various institutions of international prestige that have turned their guns on the people they swore to protect,” says the organization.

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52 organizations seek to be party

Until 13:00 hours on January 25, the INE had registered 52 organizations that seek to be a political party.

Organizations wishing to do so should notify the Institute no later than  January 31 , he said in a statement.

These groups requested registration:

1. Scheme X Mexico, AC

2. Pact Tabasco, AC

3. Democrats

4. True Alternative to Improve and Organize the Society, AC

5. Independent Citizen Party

6. National Migrant Mexican Political Group

7. Mexican Conviction for Democracy, APN

8. Promoting Organization of the Liberal Party of Mexico

9. Organization of Avant-garde Federalist Citizens

10. Liberal Democratic Expression, APN

11. National Front

12. We are all One

13. Democrat

14. Frente Nacional Socialista Institucional Mexicano, AC

15. Republican People Colosista

16. Political Association Mexico Nuevo, AC

17. Democratic Práxis, APN

18. National Sinarquista Union, APN

19. Voice and Indigenous Force of Mexico, AC

20. Realities, Citizen Power, Real Democracy

21. Three for Mexico

22. Transcendence

23. Progressive Social Networks, AC

24. Independent Democratic Movement, AC

25. Plus Pact for Freedom and Social Unity, AC

26. New Social Pact

27. Reconciling Mexico Renace, AC

28. National Association for the Defense of Political and Electoral Rights, APN

29. Movimiento Ambientalista Social por México, AC

30. National Indigenous Gubernatorial Commission, AC

31. Freedom and Democratic Responsibility, AC

32. Let’s go together, APN

33. Popular Alliance of the Countryside and the City, APN

34. Fundación Alternativa, APN

35. Gente Humanista, AC

36. Free and Independent Mexicans

37. Promotion of the Common Sense for Development, AC

38. National Project by and for Mexico, AC

39. Social Force for Mexico

40. Mexico Adelante, APN

41. Imperialist Movement

42. Alianza Mexicana Alternativa, APN

43. Social Avant-garde Movement (VAS)

44. Plan of the Traditions for Mexico, AC

45. National Movement Organization for Indigenous Wealth, AC

46. ​​Mexico Blanco, APN

47. We

48. Migrants for Peace

49. Interdisciplinary Professional Association of Mexico, APN

50. Progressive avant-garde

51. We are Mexico

52. New Republic Independent Platform, AC

Source: SDP Noticias

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