Major investments come to Mazatlán


Mazatlan has become the place where big entrepreneurs are willing to invest, there are several projects in place that will increase visitors to Mazatlan.

Mazatlan, Sin.- Major  investments by Spaniards come to Mazatlan, this was achieved during the International Tourism Fair in Madrid Spain, which will allow the destination to grow and generate greater economic benefits, specifically in the business sector, said Carlos Berdegué Sacristan.

New projects were achieved with big businessmen willing to build more hotels, and even some have already seen the place to build specifically in the hotel sector, said the president of the Association and Tourism Companies of Mazatlan.

“The most important thing is that RIU is going to expand its facilities, the owner of Mayan is already commenting that he is going to make two new towers that are going to be hotels, very important investments are coming to the destination,” he said.

Berdegué Sacristán said that after holding a talk with Federal Tourism Secretary Miguel Torruco Marques, they managed to plan and organize events for next month in Mazatlan, all in order to make the destination more attractive and that tourists have awareness of Mazatlan as a destination.

“We have been talking about a presentation of investment opportunities, and organize a big event after Carnival.”

The businessman says that things are going well in Mazatlan, and with the great investment that is about to begin, it will give a turn that has never been achieved in the destination.

Source: Linea Directa

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