Mazatlan Mayor looks to increase agave production


The production of blue agave in the region is disadvantaged by the lack of DOT certification

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The mayor of Mazatlan, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, said that he intends to present to the president of Mexico Andrés Manuel López a plan to economically activate southern Sinaloa, which is based on boosting blue agave production.

He explained that a call was made to all the municipal presidents of southern Sinaloa to form a block and make equipment to achieve the designation of origin of tequila (DOT). He added that this would be the first project of several that will be worked in conjunction with this block that aims to boost the economy of southern municipalities.

He explained that this project will not only benefit Mazatlan, but also municipalities such as San Ignacio and Rosario, which, as he said, are forgotten.

Good production

He mentioned that this project is based on the fact that the production of blue agave in the region has presented historical numbers, however, due to the lack of the denomination of origin of the tequila producers are forced to sell the crop cheaper than in other parties that have this certification. The objective will be to give greater benefits to the citizens who are dedicated to the planting of blue agave.   

Other projects

Luis “El Químico” Benítez said that there are other topics to present to AMLO. The main project is the Mazatlán-Durango railroad, which the mayor firmly believes will be achieved “landing”. On the other hand is the project of the wharf, which cataloged as a less feasible plan due to the draft of this.

Source: El Debate

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