Today they celebrate San Sebastián, patron saint of Concordia


Throughout the week, the people of Concord have enjoyed cultural activities.

Concordia.- Today is the Day of San Sebastian, patron saint of the people of Concordia, and a great party is prepared, in which music, dance, religion, and traditions are fused.

The celebration will begin with the traditional Mañanitas to San Sebastián, in the atrium of the church ends with the mass at 07:00 hours.

You can enjoy live band music, a rich little one, chocolate and free cake. Then, the celebration will continue with the San Sebastian 2019 cavalcade. The tour will depart at 10:00 a.m. from the fair’s facilities to make a tour of the city at 12:00 a.m.Then they will leave for the community of Los Copales, where there will be food, music, and drinks.

The riders will return at 16:00 hours to the facilities of the fair, where the tour ends.

During the last days, the citizens of the region have enjoyed an extensive program of activities as part of the 37th Culture Week. On Friday, the dance and arts group 8 Acts was presented with the show Dreams of Amololoa, which led attendees to a dance tour through the extensive history of Sinaloa.

Source: El Debate

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