The Government of Sheinbaum detects network of extortionists in Mexico City; there are foreigners involved


The criminal organization is composed of around 1,500 people, Mexicans and other nationalities, mainly Colombians; It started operating in 2015 and generates earnings of up to 100 million pesos a week.

Mexico City, January 16. The Head of Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, in the company of members of her Government, presented a report on the existence of a network of extortionists who charge ” flat fee” “To merchants and small street vendors, which generates profits of up to 100 million pesos a week.

In a press conference, Rosa Icela Rodríguez, Secretary of the City Government, explained that the criminal organization is composed of around 1,500 people, Mexican and other nationalities, mainly Colombians.

The mechanism they use is the collection of loans and, if the amount is not covered, they are intimidated and even assaulted by the collectors, who arrive every day on board mopeds to receive payments.

The people affected can not file a complaint because the agreement was verbal.

“The debts become like a right of floor because the moratorium interests are excessive”, exposed the Secretary.

The government of the City relates this activity to other illegal activities.

Claudia Sheinbaum called the population to report anonymously in case of being a victim of this crime through the Citizen Council (5533-5533).

The local president reported that in the last few weeks four Colombian citizens allegedly related to this crime scheme were arrested. Same for which they could receive more than 10 years in prison.


The network began operations in 2015 by offering “express” high-interest money loans to small merchants and small itinerants in a scheme known as “drop by drop”, which began in Colombia about a decade ago.

It is called this extortion because “they are leaving people without money drop by drop,” said Rodriguez.

First, they distributed cards in markets and small businesses in the city and other entities, where they offered loans at the moment for amounts ranging from two thousand to 60 thousand pesos, in less than two hours, without guarantors or guarantees.

Initially, they promised small interest rates of up to 20 percent. The only requirement was that they have a trade and their voter card.

“They offer 20 percent annual interest and in four weeks it increases to 50 percent, and since everything is in words” the threats began, explained the Head of Government.

At first, the collectors came to the stores with notebooks where they wrote down the amounts, but this mechanism could constitute a proof of the crime of extortion in case of being arrested, for that reason they migrated to use technology.

“Currently they use a mobile application through which they manage their listings.”

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Source: Sinembargo

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