Mazatlan Pulmonias increase rates 20%


Mazatlan, Sin.- The president of the Board of Directors of the Cooperative Society of Pulmonias of Mazatlan, announced the new rate of public transportation, which has an increase of 20 percent.

José Luis Ceballos Bustamante said that the price of the ticket is from 40 to 80 pesos, everything will depend on the place to which the passenger is directed, and the special tour of the port is 250 pesos for one hour, said the new rate is considered, since if they alter prices, citizens go directly to roads and transportation to file a complaint.

“The truth is that the supplies have gone up, there is already a fixed rate, they already know the customers, they charge what they are, the fixed price in short sections is forty pesos, in long stretches the distance is charged, twenty percent we have increased it. ”

Ceballos Bustamante stressed that the first days of January the transport sector in general, maintained an 80 percent rise in tickets, so now decreased to 35 percent, the sector ensures good results on weekends, since it increases up to 55 percent.

“What we do have an increase on weekends that is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, thanks to the super highway of Durango brings us enough visitors.”

The pulmonia union expects to stay at levels of 35 and 40 percent in passages, since the remainder of the month is low season

Source: Linea Directa

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