New buses will arrive to Mazatlan this month


The acquisition and operation system will be less expensive for the concessionaires according to the Secretariat of Sustainable Development.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The arrival of the new units of buses, expected since last October, will arrive at the port later this month or by early February, according to reports by the Ministry of Sustainable Development ( SEDESU).

Resultado de imagen para nuevo camiones de mazatlan

Carlos Gandarilla García, secretary of Sustainable Development, justified that the delay was derived from the fact that the acquisition of the 100 units in a first stage, which will be distributed in the municipalities of CuliacánAhome, and Mazatlán has not been completed.

We are in that process the units are not yet complete, they are also waiting to finalize the part that has to do with the dealers, because it is a commitment directly and once you have this, make the start (…) there is important progress but there is no total acquisition and therefore the delay that has to do with those that are offering the units through the bidding process that was done.

Carlos Gandarilla García, Secretary of Sustainable Development.

The buses that currently circulate in Mazatlan are obsolete and deficient.

It will be for this year, we are pressing a lot so that this can be done this week or at the end of the month, or why not, at the beginning of February but already doing it urgently.

Carlos Gandarilla García, Secretary of Sustainable Development .

Although the new trucks will be diesel-based as well, the purpose is that in the second stage of renewal of the vehicle fleet in urban transport, the use of more environmentally friendly fuels such as natural gas will be used, he added.

Number: 100 new units will be distributed between Ahome, Culiacán, and Mazatlán.

The buses that currently circulate in Mazatlan are obsolete and deficient.

The project that is carried out in coordination with the General Secretariat of Government and the Department of Roads and Transportation of the State, will have less cost for the concessionaires when the State makes part in the payment for the acquisition, with the commitment that the service will lend more adequately and the user has better transportation, he said.

However, both the Urban Truck Alliance and Aguilas del Pacifico expect an increase in the price of the ticket to 10 and 9.50 pesos respectively.

Data: The new units will have air conditioning, surveillance camera, and panic button according to the transport leaders.

Source: Sol de Mazatlan

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