Mazatlan: Químico Benítez Will Publicize Large Municipal Debtors


* He says he will do it next Wednesday

* There are hoteliers and industrialists among them

The mayor of Mazatlan, Luis Guillermo Benítez, said that next week he will have to announce the names of his characters and their companies that refuse to pay for public services such as land and water. “We are going to present some cases that continue to attract attention in Mazatlán,” he said.

To the question of whether there are hoteliers and industrialists in this group of debtors, the mayor said that “there are all of them; very soon we will make them known, maybe next Wednesday, in front of the people, we will give them the precise information on these issues. “

Interviewed at the end of an act at the International Convention Center of Mazatlan, he also said that in the case of UAS debts they have not come close to resolving their situation and do not have water service. “We are going to continue our work and translate it into public works for society and Jumapam itself.”

It is not a collection effort, it is about translating this collection into works and welfare for the Mazatlecos.

Source: SEL

The Mazatlan Post