New Transportation App: Üibi: Women Transporting Women


A new transportation platform arrives in Mérida. It’s named. Üibi.

Through a press release, the company announced that its service is offered exclusively for women, and it is also 100 percent operated by women drivers which makes this platform one of the pioneers of its kind.

Üibi is not yet in operations since it is in the recruitment stage and looking for women who want to generate income with their own schedules. The new platform features all the details and benefits of joining it at

The number of online transport platforms is increasing more and more each day in the Yucatan Peninsula and the city of Merida in spite of many taxi driver unions rejection of these service providers. To this day, the leader in the market is Uber, which has been operating for three years. There are also: Cabify, Big Driver, Tho Service and Didi a Chinese company that began operations last December.

Source: The Yucatan Times

The Mazatlan Post