Mexican companies compete to manage Mayan Train stations


Grupo ADO, led by Aldo Alarcón, affirmed that before the “fascinating journey” that the Mayan Train will have, they will seek not only to operate it but also to build and manage the terminals of the 20 stations planned in the south of the country, which will have commercial spaces.

Resultado de imagen para ruta tren maya

The company has approximately 6,800 buses in different modalities and the administration of 450 passenger terminals and local stations such as the TAPO, in the center of the country, which serves approximately 20 million passengers each year.

According to Alarcón, there are great expectations regarding the effects that the Mayan Train could have on its business since it will pass through an area where they have a strong presence. “We are going to promote large mobility projects using our brands, because it is a means of transport that must be complemented with others, and in terms of wheels we have the necessary experience.”

Although they have not yet made a formal proposal to the government on the subject, said they have already expressed interest in this regard.

On several occasions, Miguel Torruco, Secretary of Tourism has mentioned that in order to integrate tourism in the area of the train, the ADO: Turibús brand could be incorporated. “We are waiting for more details and we have enough funds to make the required investments.”