Mazatlan families start the year with higher food prices


Consumers point out that price instability is a problem for their pockets.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The parties ended and consumers returned to make their pantry to the market of the Juarez neighborhood to find high prices in the products of the basic basket.

Some buyers expressed that the biggest problem is the little price stability in the products since in a fortnight the prices go up and in another they go down, although, assured a pensioned buyer, there are more increases.

He added that this has forced him to reduce the amount of products he usually buys since the pension does not increase.


A housewife explained that these increases in prices affected her because the shore to stop buying certain products, mainly meat since the price of this product is between 120 and 130 pesos per kilo. He replaced it with fish, which is cheaper.

He also had to omit the onion because the price ranges between 22 and 27 pesos per kilo. In what corresponds to fruits, has stopped buying apples, which costs between 40 and 45 pesos.

This situation was repeated among several people who were looking for ways to carry the most items with their salaries.


Seeing that the prices in the products of the basic basket remained high, some interviewees commented that they do not know what to expect for this 2019.

Some argue that the price of fuel is too high and therefore is reflected in the price of other products.

Others blame the increase in the minimum wage.

On December 17, the Mexican government, businessmen and unions agreed to increase the general minimum wage by 16.21%, which went from 88.36 pesos per day (4.6 dollars) to 102.68 pesos per day (5.3 dollars) as of January 2019.

But the only thing that is certain is that prices continue to be a problem for the Mazatlan families that seek to obtain as many products as possible or even take home the basic products.

One complaint that was constantly mentioned is that wages do not meet the needs.

One interviewee added that not only food is bought, but also personal cleaning and household cleaning products, which are classified as expensive, need to be purchased.

Added to this are the electricity, water and gas services. Not to mention the costs of returning to school because you have to support the children with transportation, material, and uniforms.

Source: El Debate
The Mazatlan Post