Public Registry of Property and Commerce in Mazatlan received a historical number of Real Estate Transactions


The operation that is most recorded is the purchase and sale of real estate.

Rosa Alicia León Soto, official of the Public Registry of Property and Commerce. (THE DEBATE)

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The Public Registry of Property and Commerce in Mazatlan received a historical number in process, said Rosa Alicia León Soto, the dependency officer.

She cataloged the results as historical. They closed with 43 thousand 239 procedures. With this figure meet the expectations that the director had for 2018, with surprising real estate traffic. The most common was the purchase and sale, which reached 6 thousand 425 operations. 

There was also an increase in the cancellation of Infonavit loans, which reached 2 thousand 169. This means that when a person finishes paying his Infonavit credit, his property is released and it is already the person who settled the loan. 

The embargo cancellations totaled 137. This means that for any debt or lack of payment, the debtor’s property was going to be seized, but the cancellation is a good thing because the debtor was able to settle his accounts and rescue his property. 

One of the suggestions that the officer offers to the citizens is that if they have finished paying their Infonavit credit, they should go to the offices of the Public Registry of Property, located in the Administrative Unit, and register their property as family assets, which It will give you greater security in the future, since it can not be seized. This procedure has a cost of 887 pesos. 

It is also suggested to the citizen who processes his will and in this way avoid inheriting problems to his relatives. The official attributes this development to the momentum that Mazatlan has received when calling attention to investments, which has triggered a development in the city. 

She cataloged this year as very exhaustive and labor-intensive, since they are working to guarantee the delivery of the procedure on the same day it is requested.


In 2018, 228 minutes of assemblies were issued and 98 constitutive acts of mercantile society were issued.

Source: El Debate

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