Profeco affirms that airlines have responded to flight delays and cancellations

The head of Profeco, Ricardo Sheaffield, said that airlines are responding to users.

Faced with the fog banks that have caused the closure of several airports, the Federal Consumer Agency responded to complaints about cancellation and delays of flights and only in the case of Tijuana, a large number of complaints were filed.

After a tour of the Kings Day operation, Profeco’s head, Ricardo Sheffield, assured that the airlines are responding to users.

On the emergency landing of an Aeromexico flight that made the trip Mexico City-Guadalajara and in which there was smoke in the landing gear, indicated that this mishap caused the tracks were closed, but after a few hours was normalized the service.

In case of an anomaly, Profeco calls to use the conciliar press service, which can be accessed at 555688722.

Profeco calls the population to complain about shortages of gasoline; they have not received complaints

Given the shortage of gasoline in some entities in the country, the Federal Consumer Procurator, Ricardo Sheaffield, indicated that 24 hours after they called the population to report it, they have not received any complaints.

When making a tour of the Three Kings Day at the Palacio de Los Deportes, he asked those who do not find fuel to report it to 01 800 46 88 722.

“I can confirm that there are no formal complaints until now because we ask consumers to report the complaint or complaint with the service station number that is not fueled.”

According to the Association of Gasoline and Lubricant Distributors in the State of Mexico, the shortage in that entity includes 22 municipalities, in addition to Hidalgo and Querétaro.

Source: MVP

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