Mexican Armed Forces recognize same sex marriages


The Secretariat extends protection and benefits of the Armed Forces to same-sex couples; according to a request for transparency there is a record of 9, because 2 have already been dissolved; Deputy Director of Gender Equality tells La Razón that it is a way to make inclusion visible; Senate endorsed in December right to social security in these unions.

As of 2014 to date have been registered in the Secretariat of Navy-Navy of Mexico(Semar) 11 marriages between people of the same sex, which have the same rights and social benefits as heterosexual unions. 

An office obtained by La Razón, through the transparency system, points out that up to 2018 nine equal marriages have been registered in the Semar. However, Navy Lieutenant Miriam Pérez García, attached to the Deputy General Directorate of Security and Social Welfare of the unit, said that from 2014 to 2018 there were 11 procedures, although two of them were dissolved, so there are nine in force. 

In this regard, the captain of the ship, Alfonso Carrillo Mendoza, director of Equality of Gender and Inclusion of the Sema, told this newspaper that granting all equal marriages the benefits of law “is a way of making visible that our institution is equal and inclusive “.

He mentioned that in some cases one of the celebrants of the marriage is civil and the other mariner, but still receive the same rights and benefits as the unions between people of different sex.

In an interview, the official confirmed the data contained in the official letter: “to date, we have registered nine equal marriages, seven are between woman and woman, and two between man and man”.

 The couple simply must comply with the requirements, present the documents, such as the marriage certificate, and that’s it; no special procedure is required “

Alfonso Carrillo

Director of Gender Equality at Semar

He explained that when a seafarer marries a person of the same sex and registers the union in the Semar, he affiliates his partner and both obtain all the social benefits that the law grants them.

Captain Carrillo Mendoza, attached to the Unit for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights of the Secretariat of the Navy, indicated that the institution does not have a special protocol to register egalitarian marriages, but that it happens exactly the same as with heterosexual unions.

“The couple simply and simply must comply with all the requirements, present the documents, such as the marriage certificate, and that’s it; no special procedure is required, it is the same for everyone, “he said.

He added that the policy of labor equality and non-discrimination of the Secretariat of the Navy establishes that any act of discrimination based on race, sex, sexual preferences, among other aspects, is prohibited.

He also said that all members of the Navy receive courses on human rights, equal opportunities, prevention of harassment and sexual harassment, given by the National Institute of Women and the National Council to Prevent and Eliminate Discrimination.

The official commented: “Our institution obtained in 2016 the gold level certificate of the Mexican standard of labor equality and non-discrimination. We were certified in this Standard as an acknowledgment of the good practices of inclusion of all people “.

He added that year after year the call to enter the Naval Educational System is launched “and evidently in this contracting process it is not exclusive; simply and simply (it is requested) that the physical, medical and psychological requirements are met, and everyone can enter our schools “.

Equal marriages registered in the Semar have the same social benefits as heterosexual unions, such as medical service, widow’s pension, temporary occupation of houses and apartments in naval residences, housing loans, life insurance and support fund in case of death.

In 2015, SCJN validated weddings of the same sex

The Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) validated same-sex marriages since 2015 and declared unconstitutional that they were not allowed.

On June 13, 2015, the SCJN stated that states that only conceive of marriage as an idea of procreation are committing a violation of the Constitution.

“To consider that the purpose of marriage is procreation is an inappropriate measure to comply with the only constitutional purpose that can be obeyed by the measure: the protection of the family as a social reality,” he said.

This ruling was described by Conapred as “historic” because it is an advance in the fight to protect fundamental rights.

On November 6, the Senate approved reforms to ensure that those who celebrate equal marriages have access to all social benefits.

The initiative was presented by the now general director of the IMSS, Germán Martínez Cázares.

Source: La Razon, Fernando Nava

The Mazatlan Post