Discover the origin of Cafe de Olla and how it is prepared


In Mexico, there is no party or gathering in which there is not a bit of pot coffee, a traditional drink made of ground coffee, cinnamon, cloves and piloncillo that makes anyone who tries it fall in love. But where does it come from?

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Many historians agree that it was during the 18th century when coffee arrived in our country through the port of Veracruz and little by little coffee plantations emerged, mainly in the states of Oaxaca, Chiapas, and Veracruz.

Later, during the Mexican Revolution was born what we know today as coffee pot thanks to the Adelitas who prepared coffee with spices and piloncillo.

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Its name is due to the way of preparation, it is made in clay pots and then served in small jars of the same material.

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Currently, the recipe has been modified and in some places in addition to preparing it with piloncillo and cinnamon, add ingredients such as anise, cloves, chocolate, and orange peel or lemon.


To prepare a rich pot coffee, for six people, from the comfort of your home you only need to heat a liter of water in a clay pot; Once it is boiling place a sprig of cinnamon, 200 grams of brown sugar and clove. Wait until the piloncillo melts completely. Then add ground coffee, mix and remove from heat. Let stand for about 10 minutes and finally strain and serve hot.

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Source: Gourmet de Mexico