Highlights NAFTA benefits 25 years after its entry into force

The Secretary fo external affairs affirmed that one of the priorities of the federal government is to diversify the commercial strategy.

Twenty-six years after the entry into force of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the Ministry of Economy highlighted the benefits of this trade instrument, which, he said, has transformed Mexico’s trade relationship with the United States and Canada.

In a statement, the federal agency stressed that the NAFTA has allowed the modernization of the manufacturing plant in the country, as well as the agricultural and agro-industrial sectors.

However, he indicated that, although NAFTA has been a success for companies and consumers, the challenge of including productive sectors and more regions of the country still persists. 

The Ministry of Economy affirmed that one of the priorities of the federal government is to diversify the export commercial strategy and to favor a more inclusive economic growth of regions that still show lags in their development and welfare.

He pointed out that the Mexican government is committed to working so that more producers, exporting companies, regions and consumers benefit from this trade association.

Finally, the unit indicated that the Mexico-United States-Canada Treaty (TMEC)should be a step towards that goal since it includes innovative provisions on issues such as combating corruption, digital commerce, labor rights and practices on the exchange rate.

He stressed that this new instrument will update the integration of Mexico in North America based on a trade agenda that promotes the diversification of trade and investment, which generates new opportunities and markets for domestic producers.

Source: MVP Noticias

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