Pemex will fail if AMLO does not overthrow the corrupt structure of Deschamps


If Andrés Manuel López Obrador, President of the Republic, wants to avoid failing in his project to rescue Petróleos Mexicanos, he must take power from Carlos Romero Deschamps, national leader of the Petroleum Workers Union of the Mexican Republic, who has taken charge of his leadership and corrupt structure that the company is a “corpse”, said Lorenzo Meyer Cossío, political scientist, historian and researcher at El Colegio de México.

Carlos Romero Deschamps, national leader of the Petroleum Workers Union of the Mexican Republic ( STPRM ), has nothing to do in front of union members and must be removed to prevent the Presidency of the Republic failed in one of its main projects: rescue a dying Petróleos Mexicanos ( Pemex), said Lorenzo Meyer Cossío, political scientist, historian, and researcher at El Colegio de México (Colmex).

“He has to take away the power he has and dismantle the corrupt structure of the union […]. On this occasion what there is, besides modifying that corrupt leadership , is a different vision about Pemex: it is to revive a dead person, a dying person; So yes, Romero Deschamps does not have anything to do there, “Meyer Cossío said in an interview with SinEmbargo .

The historian considered that during the Thursday morning conference in which the plan to combat fuel theft was presented – which, according to the new government, is mostly from the interior of Pemex – Andrés Manuel López ObradorPresident of the Republic, declared war on the oil leader.

López Obrador clarified that he personally had no contact with Romero Deschamps, but that Olga Sánchez Cordero, head of the Ministry of the Interior (Segob), spoke with him and said: “We will not tolerate anyone, whether high-level or hard-working unionized “.

“It’s a declaration of war, that all the elements were already on the board, it’s just specifying in a speech what I was already doing in practice. But it is a central part of Andrés Manuel’s project: if it fails in Pemex, it fails in a central part of its project. I would say that it can not fail, a lot is at stake and we will see. Romero Deschamps and the union can defend themselves as they defended themselves in the past: sabotaging, and have historical control over the plants, over the industry, but the Mexican Presidency is strong and the trade unionists do not have public opinion on their side. If there is a union that has a bad reputation, it is Pemex, “argued Meyer Cossío.

PRI member Carlos Carlos Romero Deschamps directs the Oil Workers Union of the Mexican Republic from xxxx; the leader has been accused of alleged crimes, such as organized crime, fraud, extortion, illicit enrichment, and influence peddling, among others. 

Romero Deschamps received 1,400 million Pemex, from 2006 to date. There could be many more

The President assured that it is a “great robbery to the Nation” and that “the former directors of Pemex knew about the theft.

“There is information that in some areas Pemex, the authority, could not enter. They were reserved areas or were run or managed by unionized workers. That has already been resolved. They were informed that Pemex and the federal government were going to take care of strategic facilities, “said López Obrador, in an express question of this digital newspaper about whether the union of Carlos Romero Deschamps participated or participates in the theft.

And announced that forces of the Navy, the Army, the new administration of Pemex and the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR) participate in the operation to stop the theft. Other agencies also take part in this program.

According to figures released by the federal government, between 2016 and 2018 the loss for fuel theft is 147 billion pesos and that only in 2018 the figure is 66.3 billion pesos. 
The last month of the year, December, there were peaks of up to one thousand 145 pipes per day.

“Look, one thousand 145 pipes per day, one thousand 145 pipes. That’s huachicol, but from above. How are more than one thousand pipes distributed daily? That is what I want to point out. There is the hypothesis that, of all the theft, only 20 percent occurs with the milking of pipelines, which is a kind of screen, which most has to do with a plan that is operated with the complicity of authorities and with a distribution network. Then they are huachicoleros from below and huachicoleros from above, “said López Obrador.

The Federal Chief Executive explained that the theft to Pemex is equivalent to the budget assigned to the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), to 60 percent of the amount that will be destined to the pensions of the elderly and is 60 times more than the money that is will allocate in 2019 for the creation of 100 public universities.

“This we can not allow. We have to put an end to this corruption. And I call on the workers of Pemex to support us, help us to achieve the purpose of zero corruption. We Mexicans cannot continue to be embarrassed; occupy the 135th place among 176 countries, the 135th place as a corrupt country. The goal is to end corruption, “he said.

Romero Deschamps and the union can defend themselves as they defended themselves in the past: sabotaging, and have historical control over the plants, over the industry, but the Mexican Presidency is strong and the trade unionists do not have public opinion on their side. If there is a union that has a bad reputation, it is Pemex, “says Lorenzo


Lorenzo Meyer recalled that the long-term project of neoliberalism was to get rid of Pemex and there, in that plan, the union led by Romero Deschamps played an important role.

“Pemex became a nuisance and corruption took the main part […], the union from the beginning, from the government of Lázaro Cárdenas collides because he wanted to be given control of the oil industry; Cárdenas never wanted to give the oil to the union, but he had to give privileges and they have grown to the point that now Pemex is almost a corpse, “he noted.

“The union is fighting for the spoils and the theft of fuel became one of the ways to give the final blow to Pemex, the other was to open it to private companies that is more or less legal with the Energy Reform, the theft Fuel is totally illegal, but they are on the same path of getting rid of Pemex and someone has a profit, “Meyer added.

The historian enunciated the three ways to rob Pemex: the huachicoleros through the milking of pipelines, the maritime theft in ships across the Gulf of Mexico and the one that is done via the union with the pipes, the drivers and transporters.

The specialist Fluvio Ruiz Alarcón, the former independent director of Pemex and who was an advisor to the Energy Policy of López Obrador, considered that the message issued Thursday by the President was “very hard”.

“In this issue, the victim is Pemex as such, regardless of whether any of the workers or managers were involved, sometimes gives the impression that Pemex is responsible when in reality is the victim is Pemex. It’s good that the State can have the diagnosis of what happens internally, “he said.

Ruiz Alarcón stressed that now the money route must be followed. “That huachicol is sold in some way, it should play an important role the Financial Intelligence Unit, those involved in how the physical volumes are distributed, I think that would be the second stage,” said the specialist.

For Fluvio Ruiz Alarcón, former independent counselor of Pemex and who was an advisor to the Energy Policy of López Obrador, Pemex is the direct victim of fuel theft, regardless of whether any of the workers or their managers are involved.


Romero Deschamps belongs to the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) since 1961. In 1969 he joined Pemex and in 1971 he was already part of the union. With Salinas de Gortari it had exponential growth. Since 1996 he assumed the leadership of the STPRM, once Joaquin Hernández Galicia “La Quina” was dismissed.

Romero Deschamps has been elected four times as leader of the tankers. In April of this year, a hundred unionized oil workers concentrated on the Monument to the Revolution, in Mexico City, to demand their impeachment, imprisonment and the return of money and union property.

The lawyer Jorge Alejandro Sosa, president of the National Confederation to Safeguard Human Rights, explained that the Attorney General’s Office was omitted in the investigations against Romero Deschamps and his 36 sectional delegates.

“There is enough evidence of the life they have led and the looting they have done to the facilities of our union, from consumer stores, ranches, factories and a number of properties,” said Flores Contreras. The complaints against Romero Deschamps, he added, are for 350 million dollars and trade union contributions of billions of pesos.

“I want to thank Carlos Romero Deschamps very much, here he was with you and he was the guarantor that in the worst crisis we have gone through, not a single job was lost in Pemex,” said José Antonio Meade Kuribreña, then-candidate for the Presidency for the PRI , on June 16 last.

Carlos Romero Deschamps has been used as an example of corruption in Mexico and has been a Deputy and Senator thanks to the fact that the PRI has placed him five times as multi-member: three times he has been Deputy (1979-1982, 1991-1994 and 2000-2003 ) and twice Senator (1994-2000 and 2012-2018).

Romero Deschamps had a great corruption scandal in the 2000 elections known as Pemexgate. Although the then Federal Electoral Institute (IFE) documented it, it was never judged. The diverted money reached one thousand 500 million pesos to support the presidential campaign of PRI candidate Francisco Labastida Ochoa.

In 2003, the PGR – which depended on then-President Vicente Fox Quesada – initiated a judicial process, but the process was suspended in 2006 due to lack of evidence and in 2011 it was fully acquitted.

The lifestyle of his family and his waste has attracted attention. Carlos Loret de Mola told, a few years ago, that his eldest son was known as “the Jeke of Miami” for his enormous wealth.

His daughter, Paulina Romero Deschamps, was exhibited in photos that boasted a “multi-million dollar life”. He traveled on his own planes. His son, José Carlos Romero Durán, boasted two years ago a Ferrari Enzo car with a value of 2 million dollars. It is a limited edition car and the buyer must own at least two other Ferrari vehicles.

Despite accusations of corruption, Deschamps has not been in prison.

The power of Romero Deschamps has been so great that despite institutions such as the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), the National Democratic Alliance of Oil Workers, the Great National Oil Alliance, the National Union for the Social Development of Workers of the Oil Industry and the movement Active Oilmen in Evolution for a New Mexico, among others, have filed complaints in the last 20 years before the PGR, its Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), and even before the Deputy Attorney General’s Office in Criminal Investigations Organized (SEIDO), they have not prospered.

Source: sinembargo

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