Cubans Demand Visas and Overtake immigration facilities in Chiapas

The migrants pointed out that migration authorities delay the migration process as a pressure strategy to demand amounts of money.

Cuban migrants took the facilities of the National Institute of Migration, located in Tapachula, Chiapas, in demand that the immigration procedures be expedited to obtain a humanitarian visa in Mexico.

The migrants pointed out that migration authorities delay the migratory process, as a strategy of pressure to demand money amounts that make it more expensive to get a Mexican visa.

The incident recorded on Wednesday afternoon forced the migration personnel to operate this Thursday, guarded with personnel from the Ministry of Public Safety and Citizen Protection and with the doors closed before the fear of another protest.

Before this protest, migrants from Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua, denounced a corruption network operated by agents of the National Institute of Migration, who demand from 2 to 6 thousand pesos to the migrants, only to expedite the migratory procedures.

Some migrants serve more than 3 months waiting for the government of Mexico to authorize a humanitarian visa, to access a job on a regular basis. However, this situation has forced many of them to sleep and live in the streets, they even survive asking for alms, not having this document.

The entry of the migrant caravans in the month of October along the border with Mexico, say the migrants, affected their process to obtain a visa in our country since the Mexican government gave priority to the caravan migrants and they placed them in wait for your procedure.

Source: MVS Noticias

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