Mazatlan: CAPTA attends to increase of timeshare complaints


In these last weeks of December, the attention to tourists increased in the Tourist Care and Protection Center “CAPTA”, mainly due to problems in timeshares, assured the director of CAPTA, Astrid Macias Fregoso.

Around 8 to 10 cases have been attended in recent weeks.

She noted that in terms of service complaints, more attention has been given to locals, than to foreign tourists, however, the attention is equal.

Macias Fregoso said that the entire coastal strip and airport has security operations in order to assist those who request it, there are tourist police, Municipal Transit, Civil Protection, among others.

Tourists are reminded that the Tourist Care and Protection Center is located on Avenida del Mar, next to the Ministry of Tourism. In case of an accident or incident, please call 6691 18 42 56 or 911 in case of an emergency.   

Source: TVP

The Mazatlan Post