EL ROSARIO: Víctor Manuel Apodaca produces handmade 100% agave MEZCAL 


Rosario.- In addition to being known as a good friend, Victor Manuel Apodaca Muñoz, a resident of the San Juan Cacalotán union, is also recognized for the production of a 100 percent natural agave distillate.  

His dream was always to create his own company next to his brothers, that’s why his emotion is evident when talking about how they decided to experiment in the elaboration of this drink, which was traditionally prepared in this region for many years. 

He says that a few years ago, he and his brothers planted a hectare and a half of tequila agave from the region, but later-planted blue agave, thinking about producing the plant and making the mezcal themselves.

“My uncle Heriberto Apodaca, was the one who taught us the process. He worked decades ago when the vintages existed. And so there were also some old people who told us to ‘do it like this or that and the other way’, and they helped us a lot. “

He explained that once the plant matures, the center is removed, which is like a large pineapple; crumbles and puts tubs, where it is left to rest and fermented in an approximate of 25 days. Then it is passed to the still (cooking vessel), where it evaporates, goes to the cooler and the distillation process occurs, in which only the liquid.

Unique flavor and aroma

Don Víctor says that the regional mezcal has an authentic aroma since it is pure sata season. Although some of the first bottles that came out three years ago were sold cheap, he stressed that the majority was given to acquaintances and relatives to promote themselves, since it was intended to be later taken out in a larger volume.

He pointed out that due to difficulties in the production of agave, since in a fire many plants were lost, and other setbacks, such as that his brothers emigrated to another place, the project did not grow as planned. 

Even so, he says that many people know that he makes mezcal and in the area, it is customary to plant agave on the edges of the fences of houses or pastures, and when they season, people go with him and ask him to cut and prepare mezcal 

People know that once the flower, or bayouza, as the locals know it, they have about 30 days to cut it, otherwise, it happens. He in return gives them something of the production since he prepares few plants. 

The people who have tasted the mezcal that I keep in a wooden barrel, which I leave for up to a year, get me more. It’s a cool one, but sometimes I do not have it.

With mezcal, you do not lose

He commented that the wine is kept in oak barrels, because the more time spent in these containers, the more aroma and good taste it has. In fact, he presumes some barrels that his brother sent from France, when his goal was to fill them with the richest wine in the region.

Although you have the desire, he says, you do not have the capacity to do it as big as you want. “These are products that people could make, they are traditional and it is also not temporary like all the products of the region since this can be worked all year without stopping. If you do not sell it, keep it in the barrel and get even more surplus value, it’s never lost. ” 

Still, he hopes to be benefited with an incentive or a project by the government that will allow him to grow in the elaboration of this regional mezcal, but if things do not happen, he assures, he will continue to make this rich drink with the plants that are the same. neighbors give you.

EL ROSARIO: Víctor Manuel Apodaca produces handmade 100% agave MEZCAL

Source: El Debate

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