Law Enforcement Operation begins in Sinaloa


The authorities of the state of Sinaloa launched the Operation Guadalupe-Reyes, which will operate permanently until January 6, in coordination with other institutions of the three levels of government.

In the operation will participate 2 thousand 935 elements of the municipal and state police, as well as federal agents, Mexican Army and Navy.

There will be deployed throughout the state, one thousand 282 transit agents, 186 Civil Protection elements, 470 Red Cross rescuers, 346 Fire volunteers and another 169 civil society volunteers.

The purpose of this plan Guadalupe-Reyes, has as its mission: to seek by all means to ensure security, as a fundamental principle of all people who live and transit through our state, “said Mayor Carlos Alberto Hernández Leyva, director of the State Police from Sinaloa.

The entire force of the state will be dispersed, mobilizing 403 surveillance patrols, 156 transit patrols, 86 ambulances, 51 fire trucks, and 154 motorcycles.

Decrease, as far as possible, criminal acts such as intentional homicides, bank robberies, vehicle thefts, violent robbery to bystanders, commerce, robbery to home, in general terms to all those crimes that most impact the public without leaving aside also those events where there could be a high-impact crime, “said Mayor Carlos Alberto Hernández Leyva, director of the Sinaloa State Police.

The preventive campaigns will be redoubled, such as “Antipirotecnia”, “Celebrate without firing,” Drive without alcohol “and” Safe Holidays “.

In addition, revision operations will be reinforced in bars and canteens, breathalyzer seals, together with surveillance in the mountain areas and road sections to support the transit of tourists and countrymen.

Source: Televisa.News

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