CAPTA installed module to service tourist at Airport


The Tourist Care and Protection Center of Mazatlan installed a module of attention at the airport so that visitors know who to contact in case of any emergency or complaint.

With the intention of providing care to tourists in this winter season, the Tourist Care and Protection Center of Mazatlan, the CAPTA has installed a service module at the Rafael Buelna International Airport, Astrid Macías Fregoso, director of this municipal office said that the intention is that the visitor has knowledge that has a tourist police that will provide care if necessary.

We also work with authorities of the integral port Administration to put an element that has knowledge of first aid for first-hand attention to the shipping tourists.

Regarding the attention that has been paid in recent months, I highlight that of shared times in which the tourist is not respected, which have been resolved at the time.

Source: TVP

The Mazatlan Post