Sinaloa first snowfalls were recorded on the mountain.


Fall of snow and sleet on the stations of La Rosilla and El Vergel

The first important snowfalls of the season were recorded during the early hours of yesterday on the high part of the mountain range.

The Directorate of the North Pacific Basin Organization of the National Water Commission reported that snow and sleet fell on the La Rosilla and El Vergel stations, where temperatures of -5 and -2.5 degrees, respectively, were observed.

The phenomenon was caused by the influence exerted by the cold front number 15 of the season, which is accompanied by the second winter storm of the season. The unit reported that in parallel during the first hours there was an increase in contributions to dams, which reached records close to 600 cubic meters per second at 6:00 am yesterday, of which 453 were received in the glass of the Huites dam and 134 in the Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla.

It is expected that the runoffs will be sustained during the next few hours given that again during the early hours of the morning there were rains on the different stations located in the high part of the sierra that reached maximum intensities of 37.5 millimeters in El Vergel, 32 in El Mahone, and 31 in Guerachic.

Source: El DEbate

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