Sanitary risk from ‘Gringo’ Eggs


The manager of the State Aviculturists Association, Manuel Valencia, pointed out the conditions in which the poultry product is offered in local supermarkets.

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- Poultry health in Sinaloa and the country is at risk from the entry of imported egg that lacks information on its origin as well as the safety of the cold chain being broken when it was moved. the manager of the State Association of Aviculturists, Manuel Valencia Ureña.

He said that the problem is not competition because the amount of egg that is imported is not very high, but it is an alert since it is a product that has no traceability and is sold without problems in some supermarkets.

“We do not know when they are produced, because no egg portfolio says, it’s usually an egg that has a lot of time. The Americans wash the egg and refrigerate it, but when coming to Mexico, at certain moments it is proven that the cold chain breaks, “he said.

The manager of the poultry farmers in the state explained that in the United States the egg is washed and refrigerated, but a protective plate is removed, which causes a porous shell through which bacteria enter and the egg is spoiled. This means a serious health risk to people, but also to the health of the poultry product in the state.

Source: linea directa portal 

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