Mexico new minimum wage increase in 2019?


The Mexico Senate of the Republic an initiative was approved that fixes the minimum wage to 176.72 pesos in 2019, twice the current one.

Currently, the minimum wage for Mexicans is 88 pesos with 36 pesos , but in 2019 this may be twice as much as that.

The idea is to benefit 9 million workers and their families with a monthly payment that “helps them achieve a decent life”.

It was last September when an appeal was approved to the Government of Mexico to fix the wage increase from January 2019.

In the official page of the Senate , the project is described in this way:

The Senators of the Parliamentary Group of the Democratic Revolution Party, with a point of agreement that urges the Federal Government and the National Commission of Minimum Wages to establish the bases and elements to set a minimum wage of 176.72 pesos nationwide from January 2019, which can guarantee a decent life for all workers in the country and their families. “

The initiative was also extended to the National Commission for Minimum Wages (Conasami).

For its part, the Bank of Morena presented a package of reforms designed to create a subsidy to increase the minimum wage, a measure that even the members of the Employers Confederation of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex) have supported.

María Luis Alcalde, Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare, reiterated the need for the minimum wage to be increased in 2019.

The minister indicated that there is practically consensus with all sectors (business and labor) and that there is already talk with authorities of the Treasury to accelerate this project without generating any risk of inflation.

On the other hand, the Coparmex indicates that the purchasing power of the minimum wage fell 55% since 1982, which demonstrates the need to adjust the amount that Mexican workers receive to the current economic scheme.

The current salary, which has received two increases in recent years, only covers 89% of the food basket and not current, according to figures from the National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy (Coneval).

This positions the Mexican minimum wage among the lowest in Latin America, and only higher than what is perceived in Cuba and Venezuela.


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