Ultimatum to migrants to vacate streets in Tijuana


The Federation deactivated the ultimatum that the Municipal Government of Tijuana gave to the Central American migrants established in the Benito Juarez camp, so that they could leave the street May 5 before Monday, December 10.

We have to have a treatment there very serene, particular, we have to be tolerant, serene and respect human rights, there we have to go little by little asking people, we will place them, we can not use force, we have to be tolerant of it, “said David León, national coordinator of Civil Protection.

“It is an agreement of the table we are going to exhaust the dialogue, we as a municipality provide the transport so that they can move,” said Mario Ozuna, secretary of Tijuana Municipal Development.

The Federation assumed the coordination of Albergue El Barretal, however, it requested the permanent collaboration of both the municipality of Tijuana and the Government of Baja California.

We have already carried more than 4 thousand consultations, the most recurrent diseases, respiratory diseases, 60% of the population, we have 7 cases of chickenpox, we have 2 patients with HIV, we have 43 pregnant women “detailed Miguel García, responsible of Health of El Barretal hostel.

In El Barretal, a census began to determine how many migrants have settled.

The objective in the new form of governance is that we all participate, we coordinate the actions, the first objective was to stabilize this situation, we are in that process I think we have achieved important welfare standards, now comes a second stage, is to see that horizon of time we are going to stay here, in this particular case, the institution does not have a budget allocated to attend it, “said David León, national coordinator of Civil Protection.

The national coordinator of Civil Protection reported that around 2,500 Central American migrants are housed in El Barretal, 1,200 were arrested after the illegal crossing, 1,200 were voluntarily repatriated, 600 remain in other shelters and about 300 in the camp of Benito Juárez.

Source: televisa.news

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