Mocorito Sinaloa make top 10 list as best Magical Towns in Mexico

Of the 121 Magical Towns that currently exist in Mexico. Mocorito is the best positioned in Sinaloa and the northwest of the country, appearing in the No. 10 ranking of Favorite Magic Towns, only below 9 towns belonging to the southern states.
This is according to the result of the survey launched by the initiative # LoMejordeMéxico, where more than one hundred thousand people voted through the websites and social networks of the tourist marketing company Mexico Desconocido, which seeks to promote the country’s tourist destinations.
Jessy Martinez Sauceda, Director of Tourism of Mocorito said that they were monitoring the survey, which lasted one month, closing just on December 5, resulting in this important achievement to climb considerably in the annual ranking for this 2018 and achieve positioning within the top 10 and as a favorite of the entire northwest of the country, almost tied with the Magic Town of Alamos, Sonora, which appears in the 11th place.
He also expressed that it is an excellent indicator very reliable, since said company is cataloged as a global reference to know and travel in Mexico, with prestige since the 70’s, which today boasts a monthly reach of more than 17 million people interested Discovering culture, history, nature, tradition, art, entertainment and the most amazing corners of Mexico.
For his part, Mayor Guillermo “Memo Galindo Castro acknowledged the joy of that achievement to be within the country’s favorite magical towns, said that are the fruits of the efforts that have been made to improve the image of Mocorito Magical Village, and that This result commits them, even more, to redouble efforts in order to maintain or climb more steps.
List of 15 Magical Towns
1 Orizaba
2 Comala
3 Zacatlán de las Manzanas
4 Taxco
5 San Cristóbal de las Casas
6 Chignahuapan
7 Cholula
8 Cuetzalan
9 Coatepec
10 Mocorito
11 Poplars
12 Comitan
13 Bernal
14 Aquismón
15 Aculco
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