Mazatlan Carnaval “Equinox” 2019 will cost 40 million pesos


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The Mazatlan International Carnival 2019, “Equinox: The awakening of the senses”, will cost the municipality 40 million pesos , said the director of Culture, Óscar Blancarte Pimentel.

The municipal president, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, said that the 121 edition will surprise everyone.

He added that they have just paid 2 million 900 thousand pesos to ensure the performance of Los Ángeles Azules for the coronation of the Carnival Queen; Emmanuel and Mijares for the Floral Games, and for the Infant Queen, the show 90’s Pop Tour.


In relation to floats, the director of Culture confirms that the floats of Rigoberto Lewis will be returned. 

The participation of Jorge Osuna with his illuminated cars is also maintained and another designer from Mexico City, “Ocean”, is integrated with 10 cars.

Jorge Osuna and his team of artisans are already building the 10 illuminated floats

With wire rod they give form to the figure that will be covered with lighting. (Víctor Hugo Olivas)

 32 floats in the carnival begin to take shape in the old cellars of Constitution Street, used as workshops Cultural Institute.

With thick wire rod, a blowtorch and a lot of creativity born of an active team of artisans, fantasy figures begin to take shape. 
Sympathetic pigs, armadillos, and elegant quetzales emerge little by little and give an idea of the spectacle that the two traditional parades of the festival will offer.  

The use of LED lights and the movement of the sympathetic figures have made them one of the most admired parties of the party. 
For this edition, artisans prepare 10 light floats inspired by Mexican traditions. 

Los avances de las carrozas.(Víctor Hugo Olivas)

One of the novelties, explains Osuna, is that for the first time they will venture into the construction of the royal floats.  In this way, the allegorical cars that will transport the Infant Queen and the Poetry will be completely luminous.

Without giving many details, it is a surprise for the people of Mazatlan, the designer promises that the parade will surprise because the construction of these figures have been added new techniques, new types of lights that facilitate more the creation of fantasies rolling

Osuna recalls that the construction of the illuminated cars was born on the initiative of the now ex-director of the Institute of Culture and Art of Mazatlan, Raúl Rico. 

The creative team already has several years of experience in the creation of luminous figures. 


It was he who proposed making floats similar to those of the Disney night parade. This was done, but retaking the traditions that have preserved Mazatlan.

Osuna says that this new technique in the construction of allegorical cars requires constant training, as week by week new innovations emerge in the use of LED lights and the advantages they offer to make a more creative work.