IMSS will provide Universal Medical to all the inhabitants of Mexico


In the framework of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, authorities of the health agency mentioned that the general objective is to universalize health rights throughout the territory of Mexico.

IMSS will provide service to all the inhabitants of Mexico

In this administration, health rights will be universalized without discrimination of any Mexican Resident, to equalize the access door to the most vulnerable population to the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), affirmed the General Director, Germán Martínez Cázares, in the framework of the International Day of people with disabilities.

He stressed that the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has instructed him to reach the general objective of universalizing health rights, in which the IMSS will act without haggling to serve the poorest. For this reason, the population, in general, will be given a preferential service through the IMSS-WELLNESS, previously called IMSS – PROSPERA . 

Arrancará universalización de salud IMSS-Bienestar: Martínez Cázares

In the event held at the Theater “Juan Moisés Calleja”, Germán Martínez Cázares stressed that at the same time, it is entrusted to take care financially and responsibly to the IMSS ordinary, that is, the one that is subsidized from employer quotas, which is for the insured.

The Director was pleased to begin his activities at the head of Social Security with people with disabilities, one of the most sensitive issues of the fourth transformation, in which he said, merits reasonable adjustments in their laws, Constitution, programs, public policies and distribution budget, so that the country complies with international commitments regarding disability.

In his speech, the health secretary, Jorge Carlos Alcocer, said that 70 years after the Universal Declaration of Human Rights there are still more than seven million people with disabilities in our country, whose rights, in some cases are severely limited or totally denied . This situation, he said, puts us in front of a challenge to build a new and inclusive society that makes them holders of rights.

He indicated that he attends this event to reaffirm the commitment of the institutions and because no one should be forgotten in our society; He highlighted the words said hours earlier by López Obrador, who has stated that discrimination must end, exclusion in all its forms .

Source: La Verdad, El Economista

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