Cannabis Industry Association formed in Mexico

CIUDAD DE MÉXICO, 06AGOSTO2018.- Plantas de marihuana son sembradas con mayor frecuencia en hogares capitalinos para consumo recreativo y en algunos casos hasta medicinal. Una de las propuestas de la propuesta como futura secretaria de gobernación es despenalizar el consumo de la marihuana y todas sus formas de producción. FOTO: MISAEL VALTIERRA /CUARTOSCURO.COM

The association will seek to work with the authorities to promote the cannabis industry in the country.

After the Cofepris approved 38 products with cannabis on November 28 and 19 products plus the 30th of the same month, some of the participating companies came together to create the Cannabis Industry Association in Mexico . We recommend: Cannabis group actions become smoky The objective of this, they said, is to create an industry that will grow and generate economic benefits for the country, in addition to guaranteeing the access of the products to the people who require it.

“This association seeks to work with the authorities of the incoming government to grow the industry for the benefit of Mexico, especially the most disadvantaged,” they said. The companies that are participating in the organization are Hdmpmeds México, Farmacias Magistrales, Endonatura, CBD Life, Be Hemp and Dr. Brooners México. “We are ready for a joint work and we are willing to participate as the industry chamber in all the worktables that are necessary,” said the agency’s representatives.