Pilgrimages for the Virgin of Guadalupe begin


Yesterday there were three marches with prayers and chants that culminated in the Guadalupan sanctuary

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- “The Guadalupana, the Guadalupana, the Guadalupana came down to Tepeyac”. With this song, dozens of parishioners began pilgrimages in the municipality of Ahome in commemoration of the 487th anniversary of the apparition of the Virgin of Guadalupe to the Indian Juan Diego, which happened on December 12, 1531, on the hill of Tepeyac in the capital of the country. 

During the day yesterday, three pilgrimages were developed in the city of Los Mochis in which the catechism children of the Sanctuary of Guadalupe, parishioners of the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes and parishioners of the Divine Providence, which ended in the Shrine of Guadalupe and later witnessed the holy mass.


In the march participated from people of the third age to children. They walked from their respective churches and along the way sang the traditional song La Guadalupana in chorus and prayed the holy rosary, while the Virgin of Guadalupe and Juan Diego were theatrically represented by children. 

The parishioners were very happy to remember the Virgin Mary and her love for the Mexicans, and some fulfilled a ‘command’, for some favor received from the mother of Jesus. 

Later they went to the Holy Mass, where the parish priests Monsignor Luis Manuel Lopez Salazar, Manuel de Jesus Mariscales Romero, and the priest Clemente Morales Topete remembered the moment when the Virgin of Guadalupe appeared for the first time to the Indian Juan Diego, asking her construction of a church in the place of the apparition, which was on the hill of Tepeyac in the capital of the country. 

Fervor. The parishioners marched without getting tired until they reached the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe.


After various appearances and as evidence the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe in the tunic of Juan Diego, this fact was confirmed by the bishops of that time and had the church that the Virgin asked for, in what is today the Basilica of Our Lady Lady of Guadalupe. 

That is why after that year the Virgin of Guadalupe is worshiped and from the first day of December the pilgrimages of parishioners who have a mandate to fulfill begin.

Mass. The parish priests of each church offered a mass to commemorate the 487th anniversary of the apparitions.

Pilgrimage today

Today there will be a pilgrimage of parishioners from the church of Santa Cecilia, which will start at 6:00 p.m. on the Boulevard Chihuahuita and Credos in the Álamos II neighborhood.

Source: EL Debate

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