Mazatlans new administration dismisses official who accepted a ‘gift’ Wink Wink

MAZATLÁN.- The mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, informed that a person was fired who was caught accepting a bribe.
He warned that many people still have not understood and that things have changed, so it will run to anyone who is caught in dishonest practices.

We already had to suspend a city worker for lending to receive “mochadas”, in such a way that he commented: as well as we acted against employers, we acted against workers and against any citizen who “does not fall twenty” that this changed for good of the citizenship and of the country: Luis Benítez.
For its part, the senior official, Verónica Bátiz Acosta, explained that the case was in the Subdirectorate of Alcohols or Subdirectorate of Permits and Licenses, which is where the permits for the shows are provided.
“There a person from that area received a gift, and we in the guidelines that we follow at the national level is that we should not receive any compensation for the work, in which the town is already paying us.”
Bátiz Acosta indicated that this was the reason why this person was called and a proper administrative record was issued and he was invited to appear at the person who gave him that gift, and at the end of the process, as the law stated. indicates, his contract to the municipal worker was rescinded.
He said that this happened last week and on Tuesday he is no longer working in the municipal administration.
Source: Punto Mx
The Mazatlan Post