Mazatlan municipality prevent entrance of fans to the Venados baseball game


The match between the Venados de Mazatlán and the Águilas de Mexicali will be held behind closed doors due to the conflict between the municipal government and the concessionaires.

A bad moment is taking the fans who would attend the meeting between the team of Venados de Mazatlan and Águilas de Mexicali, because the Teodoro Mariscal stadium has kept its doors closed preventing all access, this due to the conflict that has been going on for several days they have maintained the municipal government with the directors of the Club before the supposed lack of payment of the potable water and drainage service.

Dozens of attendees are outside of the sports arena waiting for any information on their entry into the game, however, the information so far indicates that the meeting will be held behind closed doors.

The situation has caused great annoyance among the fans since presumably, the board of directors of the Venados club had requested an injunction to be able to carry out the match without any setback.

In a first instance, it was reported that the debt was around 700 thousand pesos, however, by adding fines, surcharges, and penalties for alleged clandestine shots found in the enclosure, the amount amounted to almost 3 million pesos.

It was through the loudspeakers of the Teodoro Mariscal stadium that the board of the Venados Club made it known to the fans that the game would be held “behind closed doors” because the stadium did not have potable water and drainage services, in addition to informing that the city of Mazatlan had not provided the place with the necessary elements to be able to provide security to those attending the meeting.

Likewise, the spokesman reiterated that the club’s board does not have any debt with the Municipal Sewer and Drinking Water Board of Mazatlan (Jumapam) and added that the amparo promoted by the Board of Vents, and that apparently was accepted by a judge, However, it had not been respected by the municipal government. 

Regarding the fans who purchased their tickets for the first game of the series between Venados and Águilas, it was reported that the tickets will be valid for the next meeting between Mexicali and Mazatlán. As well as in case of preferring it, the total reimbursement of the cost of the ticket at the stadium ticket offices.

It was at 8:00 p.m. this Friday that Club Venados de Mazatlan held a press conference on behalf of Shows Pacific Coast, owner of the franchise of the Mexican League of Venados de Mazatlan.

“Today I have to give the unfortunate news that due to force majeure the park has been closed … because Jumapam has not reconnected the potable water and drainage service, and despite having been ordered by a federal judge, what we it makes it impossible to provide the service of the sports spectacle, “ said José Antonio Toledo Ortiz, president of the Board of Directors of Club Venados.

“Likewise, the City of Mazatlan has refused to give us necessary elements of public security to safeguard the meeting,” he said.

Source: TVP

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