Marathon activities fill Mazatlan hotels


Today begins the competitions of the Pacific Marathon 2018, which brings together 10 thousand athletes.

Mazatlan is full for the Pacific Marathon sports festival, which brings together 10,000 athletes from Mexico and various parts of the world.

Issue 20 begins this day and each athlete brings more than one companion, along with national tourists who only come to enjoy this athletic joust, which has given Mazatlan international recognition.

The president of the Association of Hotels and Motels, José Ramón Manguart, stressed that there is a very good occupation.
There are hotels that are 100 percent and others with occupancy higher than 85 percent, and this is good since they are at least three days.


José Antonio Toledo Pinto, president of Venados and manager of the Marathon, stressed that everything is ready for the event and the cancellation of the municipal support does not affect its development.

The competition will have as attractive pyrotechnic games for today at 8:00 pm, at the height of Bahía Avenue. The boardwalk would be closed from dawn to be ready for the event, which starts today at 06:30 with the competition of wheelchairs, crutches, and blind people, in 10 kilometers. At 06:40, the tests of 5 and 10 kilometers overall and the recreational race of 3 kilometers.

At 09:00, children’s race 70 meters, for 4 and 5 years.

-09: 10, children’s race, 150 meters, with children of 6 and 7 years.

-09: 20, children’s race, 300 meters, for 8 and 9 years. While the children’s career for 10 and 11 years starts at 09:30 hours.

The competition

While tomorrow, which is the great competition, the activity starts at 06:15 with the participants in wheelchairs, crutches and blind in Half Marathon 21 kilometers. At 06:30, the Half Marathon and General Marathon, 21 and 42 kilometers, respectively.

At 18:00, the economic award. Toledo Pinto summons the population to come to enjoy this sport festival, adding that the governors of Sinaloa and Durango, Quirino Ordaz and José Rosas Aispuro respectively, will participate in the Pacific Marathon.

The Organizing Committee of the Great Mazatlan Pacific Marathon 2018 calls for associations, clubs, teams and athletes in general, and with the endorsement of the Mexican Federation of Athletics Associations, to participate in the 2018 Mazatlan Grand Pacific Marathon, which celebrates its 20th Anniversary.

Place: Mazatlan, Sinaloa
Date: Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 December 2018
Limited quota: 10,000 participants
Departure and Finish: Av. Leonismo Internacional s / n Col. Tellería, between Teodoro Mariscal street and Justo Sierra street, in front of the entrance of the Forest of the city.
Distances: 5k, 10k, 21k and 42k, certified by the AIMS, IAAF and FMAA. (3k, e Infantiles, Recreational)
More information:

Dates and Schedules:

• 6:30 hrs. Wheelchair, crutches and blind (total) in 10K.
• 6:40 hrs. Test of 5k and 10k General.
• 6:40 hrs. Recreational Race 3K.
• 9:00 hrs. Children’s Race of 70 meters (category 4 and 5 years).
• 9:10 hrs. Children’s Race of 150 meters (category 6 and 7 years).
• 9:20 hrs. Children’s race 400 meters (category 8 and 9 years).
• 9:30 hrs. Infant race of 1.5 k (category 10 and 11 years).
• 9:45 hrs. Children’s Race of 2k (category 12 to 14 years).
• 10:10 hrs. Race of Botargas.
• 17:00 hrs. Turtle releasing.
• 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Economic award in expo area for winners on Saturday.
• 20:00 hrs. Lights of Marathon, Av. Paseo de Mazatlán.

• 6:15 hrs. Wheelchair, crutches and blind (total) in Half Marathon (21k).
• 6:30 hrs. General 21K and 42K, Half Marathon and Marathon.
• 6:50 hrs. Race of joy (Children of different abilities).
• 18:00 hrs. Economic awards, Mangroves, Hotel Olas Altas Inn.

Source: El Debate, asdeporte, gran maraton pacifico.

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