73 Reasons to visit Mazatlan


People who visit Mazatlan are delighted to return to the pearl of the Pacific, Mazatlan there are dozens of reasons why you may like and these are some of them (20 are food).

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  1. Your sunsets
  2. The Island of the stone
  3. The weather
  4. The sea
  5. The carnival
  6. The Naval combat
  7. The lighthouse
  8. Their people
  9. Even a poor man feels like a millionaire
  10. Mirador de Cristal
  11. Nighttime Fun Mazatleca
  12. The Machado square
  13. Catamaran and yacht rides
  14. Its 3 islands
  15. High Waves
  16. North Beach
  17. Bruges Beach
  18. Camarón Beach
  19. Gaviotas Beach
  20. Cerritos Beach
  21. Los Sábalos Beach
  22. Pinitos beach
  23. The longest boardwalk in the world
  24. The Historic Center
  25. Peaceful beer
  26. The aquarium
  27. Sister Cities Park
  28. Pedro Infante Museum
  29. The music of Banda
  30. Centennial Walk
  31. Pulmonia taxi
  32. Cathedral
  33. The Pino Suarez market
  34. The Estero del Yugo
  35. Mazagua
  36. Your Fair prices
  37. Easter on the beach
  38. Your women with the flowers can compare them
  39. Your man friends really
  40. The Baseball Stadium
  41. The streets of the center
  42. The Callejoneada
  43. The marathon
  44. The feast of light
  45. The Day of music
  46. cultural festival
  47. Legendary Motorcycle Week
  48. Sea pool
  49. The Clavadista
  50. Hill of the ice cream shop
  51. The Angela Peralta theater
  52. The viewpoint of Cerro
  53. The bichis monkeys
  54. Roast beef tacos
  55. Hot dogs
  56. Chorned
  57. aguachile
  58. Bumpy fish
  59. Roast
  60. Ax callus
  61. Caguamanta
  62. The Soft
  63. Shrimp Ceviche
  64. Prawns
  65. The cocohorchatas
  66. Octopus
  67. Fresh scallops
  68. Tuna
  69. Sierra Ceviche
  70. tejuino
  71. Roasted sausages in baseball
  72. Snow of Garrafa
  73. Pay de Guayaba
  74. often
  75. The changueras

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These are some reasons to encourage you to visit Mazatlan, most likely we have missed some more. We hope you have caused curiosity and you are encouraged to visit Mazatlan.

Mazatlan is a destination that has so much to offer that something you may like, whether it be something to eat, something to do or somewhere to meet. Not for nothing is one of the main beach destinations in Mexico, it is the place of residence of thousands of foreigners during the winter, it is ready to burst during Holy Week and is filled with festivities during the Carnival.

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Why do you like Mazatlan? Leave it in the comments and share this with someone who has doubts about why come to Mazatlan.

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