SINALOA: Concordia has been full of tourist last 2 weeks


Rodolfo Tirado Miranda, secretary of the City Council, added that in the municipality there is security throughout its region 

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Concordia, Sin.- Sports tourism and tourism eco have become important allies for Concordia, in the last two weeks have added more than 10 thousand visitors to the municipality, leaving a strong economic impact throughout the region.

Rodolfo Tirado Miranda, secretary of the City Council of Concordia, said that the success in these areas has been the security that there is in the municipality, also the cold weather has aroused the interest of visitors to spend the night in the different tourist spots located in the forest or the villages located in the Sierra Madre.

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“In terms of security we are calm, we are at peace. Two weeks ago we had an event of great significance throughout the mountains, and on Sunday we had another big event that was a 4 × 4 route where we had visits from Culiacán, Los Mochis, they all left very happy, “he said.









The official cited that in the so-called Ruta Cain, there were visitors from Argentina, Spain, the United States, Mexico and from different parts of the country, who hope that they will soon return as most were amazed by the attractions offered by Concordia.

Tirado Miranda invited tourists to visit the municipal seat, to enjoy the cuisine offered for the whole family, while for adventurers there are different attractions such as the cabins in El Palmito where the Ecology Reserve of Chara Pinta is located.

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