Prietas turtles born in Mazatlan Aquarium to be released this weekend


Mazatlan Sinaloa.- This Saturday, in an unusual event and for the first time in the year, a group of prietas turtles was born in the facilities of the Mazatlan Aquarium.

José Barrón Hernández, in charge of the Conservation Program, explained that this species is characterized by nesting mainly on the beaches of Michoacán.

“In the time that the aquarium protection program has the turtle, in three different seasons we have had black turtle nesting; in 2016 a nesting female came out nine times, of which she spawned in four … the last nest we could release in 2017, “he said.

This turtle, of which its pups are known today, nested on October 4, the same day that its eggs were placed under the protection of Mazatlan Aquarium; and it was not until fifty days after the first hatchlings began to break the shell.

The difference between a brown turtle and a golfer lies in the texture of its skin and shell, the eyes of the former are larger and in particular, the olive ridley turtle reaches 80 centimeters and weighs 40 kilos; while the black turtle can measure more than one meter and weigh more than one hundred kilos.

The estimated lifetime for this species is 80 years.

On Saturday afternoon, the first group of brown turtle hatchlings will be released on the shore of the beach, on Avenida del Mar, a few meters from the monument to the SeaWolves.

The act will be headed by the director of Aquarius Mazatlan, Pablo Rojas Zepeda.

The rest of the turtles will be released on Sunday or Monday, depending on the situation of the marine species.

Source: Punto Mx, Sinaloa Hoy 

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