International Carnival of Mazatlan 2019: It will be seven and not six days of celebration


On Friday night the theme and the candidates for the crowns of the most important fiesta of the porteños were officially presented_

Resultado de imagen para Serán siete y no seis días de fiesta en el Carnaval Internacional de Mazatlán 2019

Mazatlan.- The 2019 Mazatlan International Carnival will be the best of all, promised filmmaker Óscar Blancarte Pimentel, director of the Institute of Culture, Tourism, and Art of the municipality, the entity that is responsible for the organization of the traditional party.

Resultado de imagen para Serán siete y no seis días de fiesta en el Carnaval Internacional de Mazatlán 2019

On Friday night the theme and the candidates for the crowns of the maximum celebration of Buenos Aires were officially presented, which in its 121st edition will have one more day of celebration, now there are seven, and it will be held from February 27 to the fifth fo March 2019.

Carnival traditionally begins on a Thursday and ends on Tuesday of the following week, adding six days of celebration.

On this occasion, he will start the day before with a concert to celebrate the 80 years of the trajectory of Banda del Recodo, which will have as special guests artists participating in his most recent album.

At the end of the event in the Sister Cities Park, on Friday night, the official ruled out that the preparations for the party have been made “to the race”, since August they are devoted to the organization of Carnival.

“I do not know why they say it’s rushed, since August we got into the task of Carnival … It will be the best of all, we will have the best,” he offered.

On the presentation of the candidates for the Carnival Queen and the Floral Games, he said that, until that moment, he met the beautiful women who, starting yesterday, are in competition.

“I see them very nice, very elegant, with a lot of presence. From here comes a worthy queen. “

He stressed that after the good taste of the mouth that left the gala of the official presentation, the expectation for the following carnival events is very high.

“We are working on that (to meet expectations); results are the ones that count, I’ve always said as a filmmaker, what counts are the results, and that’s where my films are, and right now there’s a movie in theaters, ‘La Promesa’, go and see it. “

To a question about the designers of the dresses of the queens and the cast for the coronations, Blancarte Pimentel preferred to keep the names.

“The mystery is the mystery and the Carnival, well also,” he said.

Friday night it was announced that “Equinox. The rebirth of the senses “will be the official theme of the Mazatlan International Carnival 2019. Candidates for the four crowns of the Mazatlan festival were also officially presented.

First, they made known the names of the four candidates for King of Carnival: Roberto Tirado, Fernando Kolbeck, Paco Tostado, and Jesús Barraza.

Mounted on two large cardboard birds and accompanied by the dancers, the little Dania Zataráin and Estrella Íñiguez arrived on the stage, who will look for the Corona de Reina Infantil.

On the grand stage, they then appeared in beautiful evening dresses, including Fanny Bonilla, Melissa Gaytan, Gabriela Pano, Joceline Lozano, Karla Rivas, Frida Castillo, Daiana Sánchez, Elizabeth Barraza, Karen Castillo, Ana Vázquez, Yamilé Zataráin, and Anahí Scatter

They are the twelve candidates who will seek the scepter and crown of the Queen of the maximum party and the Floral Games of the International Carnival of Mazatlan 2019.

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