“Enchiladas”, “chilaquiles”, “barbacoa”, everything may sound overwhelming during your first days in Mexico, especially when you are just searching for a couple of pancakes and some scrambled eggs to gain energy throughout the day. For us Mexicans, breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day so you’ll probably see in your menu even more dishes than for lunch or for dinner. From pork meat tacos to small salty cakes made of corn are just some options among the great variety of breakfast dishes that you should try in Mexico. If you don’t know where to start, we highly recommend you to think about these traditional –and delicious– alternatives during your visit to our beautiful country.

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Mexican people love to start their daily routine with the flavor of freshly fried tortillas (similar to nachos but better) deep in “salsa verde o roja” (green or red sauce) and served with sour cream, cheese, onion and any of the following options: eggs, beef or chicken. Probably the first breakfast you should try during your visit to our country.

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If you love bread, melted cheese and beans, then you will adore this dish that blends this three ingredients and takes them to a whole new level. To try the Mexican experience like a local, be sure to add a generous amount of “pico de gallo” to your molletes (a traditional salsa made of chopped tomato, onion, cilantro, fresh serranos, salt, and lime juice).

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A lovely combination of fried eggs served on top of a –again– fried tortilla and dressed with “salsa verde y roja” (green and red sauce) this will allow you to try the favorite flavors of local residents. Generally, they accompany this dish with mashed beans and the final result is just amazing.

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The best way to describe a “concha” is to tell you that it’s a kind of sponge cake topped with a sugar shell pattern on the top. It’s sweet, comforting and the best match for a “café de olla” (a sweetened coffee with cinnamon taste) or a Mexican hot chocolate.

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Similar to chilaquiles but with the difference that the tortilla is softer and its served in a taco shape. Again, it’s dressed with a lot of spicy sauce and accompanied with onion, cheese, sour cream and maybe some avocado and smashed beans by its side.

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Tamales are a kind of salty small cake that’s made of corn and matched with meat (generally chicken or pork). Of course, it has to include a little bit of spicy sauce among its ingredients, we recommend you to always eat it with a hot “atole” (a sweet beverage made of corn and available in different flavors: chocolate, strawberry, oats and guava, and more). And yes… we Mexicans adore corn and maybe you will eat it during your whole visit to our country without even knowing it.

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When it comes to barbacoa you should know that’s necessary to try it at least in two different versions: tacos y consomé(broth). Barbacoa is a way of cooking meat lamb by digging holes in the ground for a very tender result that’s achieved only by a slow cooking method. Match your barbacoa broth and tacos with a little bit of lime juice and some salsa… you will love it.

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The precise translation of carnitas would be “little meats”, but of course that’s not the proper way to explain it to you. This dish is nothing else than chopped pork meat served on top of a tortilla and accompanied by onion, cilantro, and hot sauce. Add some drops of lime juice and enjoy. Yes, tacos are really a thing during breakfast in Mexico.

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Scrambled eggs with chopped tomato, onion, hot pepper and smashed beans by their side. Of course, they will probably offer you a couple of tortillas if you want to make your own tacos at the table. It’s an easy and delicious way to get introduced to Mexican dishes without trying something very exotic.

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A lamb broth that generally is cooked with a lot of different spices (pepper, thyme, garlic, oregano, sesame, tomato and onion, among others) and hot peppers to bring as a result a very comforting soup that will instantly take away a serious hangover –which will probably happen if you decide tu try mezcal during your trip–. This dish is more of a street food, so we recommend to try it once your stomach is more used to the local food.

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