So if marijuana is legal in Mexico, How do you smoke and grow marijuana legally


This association processes your shelter to smoke and grow marijuana in Mexico Free!

“We are a movement that seeks to achieve the free development of personality for free, for all Mexicans. There are many lawyers who charge for the procedure, but many people do not have the possibility to pay for it. ”

Emilio Rascón, a Chihuahuan lawyer who along with three other people – Alejandro Guerra, Víctor Ibarra, Roberto Ibarra – formed Barbarossa’s Secret Stash Club , a movement that through the non-profit association Consumidores Lúdicos de México AC seeks to apply for a collective permit for the recreational use of marijuana on behalf of people who register for free as part of this association.

According to Emilio, “if we are more, more cases are going to do us”, and since they started with the project have managed to add about 1,900 people who registered on their page to accompany them in this legal process. The objective is to collect as many signatures as possible before December 3, to present this collective request to the Federal Commission for Protection Against Sanitary Risks.

The Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation resolved on Wednesday, October 31, the last two amparos necessary to create a jurisprudence on the use of marijuana in a personal and recreational way in Mexico . This means that all judges in the country must resolve exactly the same form. Everyone must recognize that there is a right to the free development of personality, and more importantly, to protect the right of users.

“We are going to make a collective request. We know that, given the background, the most likely is that they tell us that the free development of the personality is not attributable to moral persons, but this goes further, “said Emilio. “While we have the right to the free development of personality, we also have the right to free association. This means that you can associate in any way, as long as you have an object or lawful purpose. Eye, lawful already falls in a very thin parameter. Lícito is what the law and jurisdiction allows, and having a jurisprudence means that it can be lawful, and that is what we are looking for. ”

To gather as many members as possible, Barbarossa’s created a website , where there is a form with some information that must be filled by those who wish to join. By doing this, a .pdf file is generated that reaches your email. The mail also includes a link, which leads to a platform where you can upload a scanned file or a photo of the document that was sent. Once you do this you are already part of the association.

However, Emilio explains that the process does not end there. “Probably the court asks us to show that those people who uploaded those documents exist, so we have to collect the original documents at some point. We have already planned how to do it, we have spoken with some smokeshops so that they work as a collection point in different cities “, explains Emilio.

“Mexicans are interested in asserting their rights. We want to prove a point. We are going to present the petition on the first working day of the next government, which is the one that has pronounced itself in favor of legalization, “concluded Emilio. “We know that in Mexico many times the initiatives are left behind. We do not want that to happen. On Monday, December 3, we will present this permit at COFEPRIS, on behalf of all the people who have partnered with us. ”

Secret Stash Club

Would you like to be able to use marijuana legally in Mexico?

Did you know that there is already an authorization to consume marijuana legally in Mexico? Any Mexican of legal age can and has the right to request this authorization, we will tell you how to do it.

Currently, in Mexico more than 7 people can use marijuana legally, that’s right! They can consume as they please as long as it does not affect third parties.

We look for that! We are a non-profit civil association that invites all interested Mexicans to join so that they can get their permission to use marijuana.

How will we do it?

On the first business day of the new government we will present a formal request to the appropriate authority in favor of all our associates, this serves two purposes:

1) Follow the same path used by people who can currently use marijuana.

2) By making it massive, a window would be created for the legalization of marijuana, thus supporting the recent declarations made by the future Secretary of the Interior and Ex-Minister of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, Olga Sánchez Cordero.


It’s free! That’s right, any Mexican of legal age can be an associate and be part of the movement.


Remember that, being a procedure before a Government Authority, we will need some documents from you to be able to show that it is your interest to request authorization.


We will carry out the entire legal procedure until you get your authorization, and in this way, you can use marijuana freely, of course, without affecting third parties.


Source: VICE Mexico .

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