Mazatlan: Malecón will be opened on November 27


In order to achieve the development of the Great Pacific Marathon, the concrete replacement works on the Malecón must be completed.

In this way, it is in commitment to the construction company in charge to open the road completely on November 27.

“We have talked with the manufacturer and he tells us he will be ready. There are gaps in this, because we would like it to be finalized and not be concerned that the work is for the date we are indicating the Marathon, “said Juan de Dios Garay, municipal director of Public Works.

He acknowledged that at the opening of the first lane there was a delay, however, they expect that in this new date there will be no conflict.

The civil employee referred that the condition of the work will be attended, reason why it exhorted the population to respect the closing that is had to continue the works.

Source: SEL