Bicycles as public transport; arrives to Mazatlan


This new means of public transport will be implemented shortly

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The port joins the cities with friendly transport starting on Sunday, November 25 , announced the Secretary of Sustainable Development, (Sedesu), Álvaro Ruelas Echave.

In this first stage with 350 bicycles and 11 stations starts the program with the first shots of the governor of the Qurino State Ordaz Coppel, the president of the DIF Rosy Funetes and the mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.

Mazatlan is the tenth city that enters the program but with the difference that in Sinaloa it is integrated as a transport and does not replace those that already exist, but as a compliment or alternative to mobility.

This public bicycle service that will start in this beach destination, is planned to be implemented this year in the three main cities of the entity.

Mazatlan, Culiacán, and Mochis, when making use of this economic transport service will allow the population mobility, but also contribute to the health of the citizens and will not contaminate.

Sinaloa spends nothing, everything will cover the company, and the quotas will be minimal, how profitable it will be for them the influx when using bicycles.

Source: El debate

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