Mexico: New Tax for individuals who offer lodging in their homes through digital platforms


Guanajuato, Gto. Starting next year those individuals who offer lodging in their homes through digital platforms, must pay the municipality 10 thousand pesos annually, this was established in the initiative of Income Law 2019, which the City of Guanajuato approved for more 587 million of pesos .

The Cabildo also approved the Administrative Provisions for next year, where increases are contemplated to the feasibility that the municipality issues for the operation of private security companies, and for permits for the sale of alcohols.

In the plenary session of the City Council, the document containing the Income Law for next year was approved in general, with the vote against the three Morena council members.

In particular, the reservation proposed by PAN councilor Armando López Ramírez was approved so that the bill would include charging 10 thousand pesos a year to capital residents who offer accommodation through digital platforms such as Airbnb.

He explained that Guanajuato capital, being a tourist city there is a need to offer hosting services, and it has been detected that several individuals do business through electronic pages, and are not regulated. He said that lately, this situation has been increasing

The reservation to Article 24 of the Income Law was to include an item that states that “for the development of the total or partial lease of houses, apartments, buildings, farms, ranches or any denomination that is given to the enclosures, always and when for periods of less than 30 calendar days a fee of 10 thousand pesos will be paid annually “.

In an interview, Armando López said that they have identified at least 300 homes that offer hosting services on digital platforms, most of them on airbnb.

The governor of Morena, Karen Burstein Campos, asked for the mechanisms to be generated so that a list of these dwellings that offer accommodation is lifted, so as not to charge unduly.

The mayor, Alejandro Navarro Saldaña, applauded the proposal because it was pointed out that many people negotiate without paying a single tax to the municipality “it is time for everyone to be measured with the same yardstick”.

For the collection of at least 300 places, the municipality would be collecting about three million pesos annually.

In the matter of Administrative Provisions, the PRI councilor, José Luis Camacho Trejo Luna proposed a reservation so that the fees for the feasibility for the operation of private security companies are charged at 4 thousand 500 pesos.

The councilor of the PAN, Carlos Chávez, also proposed modifying the tariffs for the feasibilities for the permits of alcohols, so that they will be increased by about 55 percent. Of 785 pesos that is currently charged, the price for 2019 will be one thousand 200 pesos.

All reservations were approved by a majority of votes, the three regidores de Morena voted against.

Other services that will go up to 50 percent will be the rate of municipal parking , the sacrifice of cattle and swine; and the ticketing seal for social events, which includes the students.

The initiative of the Income Law of the municipality of Guanajuato, which in general increased by four percent according to the inflationary index, was approved a few hours after the expiration of the deadline to send it to the State Congress, where the deputies must analyze, rule and vote.

Source: zona franca

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