OPINION: Will Tijuana be the city that has to absorb the political and social price of the migrant caravan?


The immigrants started arriving to the border cities of Mexicali and Tijuana almost two years ago, they came from Haiti and others said they hailed from Congo, some of them managed to cross the border to the US but others remained in Baja California, working, starting their own businesses or even attending the State University .

There was no violence nor rejection whatsoever.

But the arrival of the Honduran immigrant caravan has been quite different, media tinted and showing both rejection and acceptance from different sectors of the Mexican society, this phenomenom has provoked confrontation between Mexicans and Hondurans. It would seem that we are treating them exaclty like we say the US treats Mexican illegal immigrants.

Mexicali has just seen them passing through, they are bound to Tijuana, where the problem grows and social media is saturated with videos of both violence or acceptance, Mexicans against Hondurans or Mexicans against Mexicans, and the immigrants/refugees aside or going to the shelters.

Twelve days are left of a Federal administration which promised too much and accomplished too little provoking the shockwave which led to July 1st election victory of someone who will take the reins of a country crippled by the humanitarian crisis of Honduras immigrants and then some more.


Source: The Baja Post