More than 100 thousand people live in poverty in Mazatlan


In Mazatlán about 120 thousand inhabitants are in poverty, while more than 20 thousand in extreme poverty, according to the Directorate of Welfare and Social Development


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Although the growth of poverty in recent years has not been 100% quantifiable due to the fact that there has been a gap of almost 10 years in the studies and analysis of extreme poverty , since the last census took place in 2010, currently close to 60 colonies are within the levels of poverty and extreme poverty in Mazatlan .

Tonatiuh Guerra Martínez, director of Welfare and Social Development, said that this serves about 120 thousand people who are in poverty and an average of 20 thousand in extreme poverty , which marks a growth according to the latest records obtained in 2014 and 2015, where it was shown that 14 thousand inhabitants were in extreme poverty and 114 thousand in poverty, but surely the 2020 census will show a greater increase.

The conservation and even increase of poverty levels in the municipality are the result of the migratory effects of the south, as well as the socio-economic stagnation due to the fact that large industries have not yet consolidated in the state, which implies that salaries, mostly low, remain without an increase, he explained.

“The populations of the Bajío with the arrival of large maquiladora plants and assemblers transformed them into states of high potential and right now those states have growth at the level of Asian countries of 7-8%, Mazatlan and Sinaloa grows very little at 1-2% , that has caused poverty to be eradicated, and here it continues to be a phenomenon that has increased because we do not have that kind of industrial manufacturing development that has very high wages, we are services and in the service sector, wages are low “, he exemplified .

Compared that currently, salaries do not exceed 120 pesos, which is insufficient for the maintenance of a family, as in the case of shrimp maquiladoras, where in four years have not increased the production payment of four pesos per kilo, even when the shrimp rise in price and is quoted and paid in dollars.

He added that the greatest shortcomings of these colonies are land regularization, housing construction, electrification, potable water, drainage and paving, and to promote the development of these settlements requires the preparation of a social participation plan, independent of the municipal development plan, to start working with the entire community.

“We have to move forward the development project of the municipality for all areas (…) the idea that I bring is to at least get the white flag on regular sites in electrification, drainage and drinking water in regular premises to finish with that, If they continue to grow obviously we are going to try to cover and in the irregular properties until Land Tenure is going to regularize them, “he said.

Source: el sol de mazatlan

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